Financial Literacy 101

An online interactive financial literacy course.

Financial Literacy 101 is an online course designed for students to learn about managing money and offers easy access to detailed textual resources, printable downloads, financial calculators, and other resources that students may use throughout their college experience. Unlike lectures, brochures, and static web pages, Universities can be sure that students will complete a variety of financial self-assessments and other factors based on their dependent or independent financial aid status.

Most importantly, our Financial Literacy 101 course is an engaging multimedia experience that combines a robust curriculum tailored to the needs of students with a controlled-based learning model designed to financially track budget vs. actual spend on their iPayU Prepaid MasterCard.

Upon course completion, students will have mastered basic financial concepts and completed a variety of personal financial management exercises that lead to the desired outcomes of lower overall educational debt and financial preparedness for the college experience.

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